Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in the Chicago Illinois area

Adequate healthcare is one of the largest problems facing elderly Americans today. If you are on Medicare, you may find that your needs are met by the plan, yet in certain situations and certain conditions, Medicare just will not be enough. This is where pays to have a Medicare supplement plan is and that's where we come in.
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Whether you are on Medicare Part A or Part B, we have a solution for you that can help pay for unexpected expenses such as co-pays that would otherwise derail your healthcare plan. If you are having problems with an out of network physician or need medical care when traveling outside of the US, our medical supplement plans will be just what the doctor ordered.

Medicare Supplement Plans - Covering You For Everything

A Medicare supplement plan from Tom Miroballi Sales LTD can cover those things that Medicare is unable to. Copayments are an example, as are deductibles. However, coinsurance is the biggest reason why a supplement plan makes sense for you. You may be able to cover expenses that original Medicare is unable to cover, or, if they are only able to partially cover it, your supplement plan will make up the difference. This is different from a Medicare Advantage plan and can have many of the benefits that such a plan does not.

Short Term Major Medical Plans

We offer short term major medical policies 365 days a year. If you already have Obamacare and want a more affordable option then call us to find out how you can get your health insurance for half the price. We also offer Medicare Advantage Plans as well as Prescription Drug Plans for anyone 65+.

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Why buy from Tom Miroballi Sales LTD

Because we are experts in this field and are able to match you with the plan that best fits your situation and specific needs. We offer free consultations and upfront statements of the premium cost and our plans come with guaranteed 100% acceptance rate. With this being the case, you have nothing to lose by consulting with one of our staff today!
While other companies may wish to sell you on plans that you do not need or cannot afford, we are dedicated to making sure that you have the Medicare supplement plan that will compliment your coverage and make certain that you will have the healthcare that you need.

In this day and age, with high co pays and unexpected illnesses that may strike at any time, a Medicare supplement plan can help you achieve independence and peace of mind. You owe it to yourself to give us a call today!

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